Toledo Zoo's 'Penguin Beach' now open
Nick Bade
Posted: 05/23/2014 2:23 PM

The Toledo Zoo opened a brand new penguin exhibit, known as "Penguin Beach," to the public on Friday, May 23.

The new exhibit moves the zoo's black-footed or African penguins next to the aquarium. Visitors will be able to view the penguins from ground level, above and underwater.

Toledo Zoo Curator of Birds Robert Webster says the new exhibit is a huge improvement over what visitors have experienced in the past.

"What we're doing with Penguin Beach is creating a whole wall of underwater viewing," said Webster.

Webster says the exhibit is an improvement for not just the zoo's guests, but also the penguins.

"Penguins love moving water, and there will be a lot more movement in the water at Penguin Beach," said Webster. "This will make it more interesting for the birds and for visitors."

For more on the zoo's Penguin Beach, visit https://www.toledozoo.org/site/program/773.


In addition, Flamingo Key opens with the promise of watching the tropical birds grow from fuzzy babies to full grown, hot pink adults.  
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